Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Week 1 12wbt Lean & Strong

It's only Thursday but I have baggage I need to unload.

So I have embarked on Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation (AKA: 12wbt),  I have been a fan of this program since it started and have previously signed up for 2 rounds, by the way I only probably got to week 2 and then followed it very half heartily.  It's not about the weight loss for me, I have shed my fair share of weight long before 12wbt was available.  I love the fitness industry, it makes me happy when I feel fit.  I feel I am on top of my game. Like everyone I fall by the wayside from time to time but never for long enough that it does any real damage.  So why have I not been able to commit to 12wbt on the previous 2 attempts?

1/. Both times I was training for a Marathon and while I loved the nutrition & structure I was still learning how to fuel for endurance rather than for weight loss. Big difference.

2/. I never really connected with anyone doing 12wbt, thinking I could do it all by myself not even really letting friends and family know.  YOU NEED SUPPORT

3/. I am not known for patience, everything has to be done yesterday and if I plan the day and it does not work out that way, I feel off centre and usually a meal of poor nutrition follows, resulting in low mood. CLASSIC SELF SABOTAGE

So whats the difference this time?

1/. While I am 4 weeks out from Melbourne Marathon (3rd Mara), I know I need to follow the clean nutrition but I also need to add extra fuel prior to long run days and by extra food I mean GOOD EXTRA food. But I am still learning but not giving up.
I have already learnt the hard way, by trying to run 17km yesterday on a regular 12wbt dinner the night before and then no brekkie when I got up. What was I thinking! While I did my run and still managed to hold my regular pace, I did not feel strong and actually felt quite nauseated. So yesterday I had an extra piece of Wholegrain Bread with my Salad at Lunch. Not much more but enough to stop the constant thoughts of food. ITS NOT A STARVATION PROGRAM

2/. I have meet a lovely group of girls via twitter (who have also all done previously rounds and successfully), we are also all runners and the common ground gives great foundation and support to another round of 12wbt.  YAH, I AM USING SUPPORT

3/. I am learning to not race around a million miles per hour, I have been using the SWASP principle alot, Stop, Wait, Absorb, Slowly, Proceed. You can apply this to any behaviour and while I am no expert it has helped me so far bring situations back into perspective. Today, I did a hard run and I was spent, so I decided I would go and grab a quick massage before work desk time.  Only to find when I got there I had left my purse at home.  I was very hungry & thirsty and I live about 15km from the Shopping Centre.  I really got very annoyed and was getting teary, I drove home so anxious & I had every negative thought going through me.  I thought I cant do this, I am just over it already!  While the negative voice was nice and loud I had this very small inner voice saying 'KIRSTY remember the SWASP principal',  it took another 10mins before I felt calm but I got home had a big drink of water, a bowl of yoghurt with some grapes.  I then had a shower and made a cuppa and here I am now.  Previously that would of ruined my day and I would be down the shop buying chocolate and feeling more sorry for myself.  But I feel in control if I remind myself to STOP, ABSORB, SLOWLY, PROCEED.  While this may be fairly minor to others, it's not to me. NO MORE SELF SABOTAGE

I still have a big week ahead, lot more weights, lots more k's on the road a game of netball, work & kids, you get it.  I am not special, I am like many of us mums trying to juggle health, fitness, family, work & house.  I am taking each day at a time and maybe listening to my husband say 'you know it always works out in the end, don't fight it, embrace it'.